The Pennington Pavement Pounders

We were a strange group to say the least. The only things we had in common were we wanted to be in better shape, at some point in our life we had lived in one of the most rural areas of Virginia and we all sort of knew someone else that was here. Oh, and we were explaining to the nice police officers what we were all doing in a bank parking lot on a Sunday afternoon. It was week three of our accidental group.

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Getting Ready

The last 2 weeks have been hectic and incredible at the same time. In that time at work the Spring race at Bristol has come and gone as well as multiple PALS and CPR classes and away from work I have seen The Johnson City Symphony for the first time (wow, they are really, really good). And then there is the running…

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What a Day

Today started off ordinary enough but turned into one of those days when everything just fell into place perfectly. In exactly 21 days I have my first half marathon coming up and I had yet to make that run that was just a little farther than the race will be. Late last year I had, on a completely flat track in Leeman Fields, ran exactly 13.1 miles one time but I barely made it and by the end I was almost crawling. Last weekend I had attempted to again do 13.1 miles but it just wasn’t to be and at 11.4 miles I cramped so bad I had to call it a day.

Yesterday I promised Lilyan, my almost 5 year old coach, that I would give her a long run today. I was meeting my running group, The PPP ( Pennington Pavement Pounders), at the same flat course I had ran the last 13.1 on but I decided to go a little early to start on my own. I started off going way too fast, a pace I could not hope to keep for a 5 K let alone any longer and after a brisk 1/2 mile I finally settled down. Then I Continue reading What a Day

Double Run Day

Today I did a first for me. Although in the past I have done an individual run and a group run on the same day, today I did another kind of double, I ran twice in the same day with others. Both runs were nearly identical distances and both were great in completely different ways.

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The New Coach

As of now, I have my first running coach. There is a site called I Run 4 thatwhistle matches runners and others with coaches from around the world and they recently connected me with Lilyan. I am still trying to figure out exactly what her coaching style is but I’m pretty sure that she is going to be nothing like my old football coaches. There probably won’t be the pushing of the sled and running until you puke like Wolfe or the red faced yelling followed by patting you on the back of Williams. I think this new coach will lead more by inspiration.

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Restoring Spirits

Sunday (2/23/14) was one of the prettiest of the year so far and my friend Joie decided that it would be a perfect time to stretch our legs and our endurance at the Guest River Gorge. After the punishment I experienced at Camp Tom Howard three days before I wasn’t sure if I could do this or not. My spirit seemed close to broken.

If you have never experienced the Gorge or read about it here or other places let me give you a quick overview. It is absolutely beautiful, a converted rail line that runs 5 plus miles following the river from Coeburn to the merger with the Clinch River near Dungannon. The trail plunges around 1500 feet which means the return is a 1500 foot climb.Restoring

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