Eye on the Prize

As time goes on it becomes easier to take get caught up in things and take my eye off the prize. Trying to recover from one race, prepare for a marathon, decide about a half, distractions are everywhere. Today I had a few things that brought it back to me. This journey wasn’t started to break any records, win any bling or impress anyone, it was started to challenge myself, become healthier and spend time doing it with friends.

Today I had versions of the same conversation with four people in a row. It started with them asking about my morning run, quickly followed by wishing they could do that and me saying they could. The last one of these was a nice lady who had just done her first 5 K. She was disappointed that it had taken her so long and was thinking of giving up. Here is the truth of it all: It does NOT matter how long it takes you to finish, it matters that you are out there, trying to do what you can to get healthy and enjoying life. Walking, running, biking, lifting weights, swimming, cross fit… it does not matter. What matters is trying. It’s so easy to see the person with God given skills, health and talent running or otherwise competing and admire their pursuits. We celebrate the champions, cheer for the them and beg our favorites to do better. We forget about all the others, the ones like most of us, the ones that finish long after the cheers start to fade and the winners are decided. It’s important to remember where we are, where we were, where we want to go. I can’t remember without thinking of all the people who have helped me: Brooke, Selena and Dr. Rogers for helping me start losing weight, Sara, Kevin and Phil for helping me start running, all my wonderful friends including the PPP and the Wise County Runners who encourage me, ¬†help me and run with me and of course Lilyan who works harder than I ever will. Without everyone of these people I would not be moving, they all have a part in every step I take.
If you are thinking about starting to get in shape… stop thinking about it, start doing it. Go to your friends, your family, your co-workers, your doctor, your church and tell them. Look for local groups that are doing what you want to do and ask for their help, if you can’t find a group, find a friend and start one (we did). Ask me! The first step is the hardest and the scariest, after that it’s all down hill. If you are already on this journey, remember where you started, remember those that were there along the way and what their help meant to you. Then make sure that you are there for the next person, form the community and grow in it.
Keep your eye on the true prize, being able to enjoy what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

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