The Journey Begins

I am late to this running game and I took a long strange trip to get here. Cutting to the chase, I found myself in my early 40’s, morbidly obese and in danger of not being able to perform my duties as a paramedic. My once 5’10” frame had compressed by an inch. I weighed 370 pounds and my waist was 56 inches. Something had to give or I was in serious danger of not only losing a job I loved but also of losing my life. Continue reading The Journey Begins

The Ongoing War

Being overweight is a vicious circle of a ride. Once you start to go down that road it is so easy to keep going and so hard to stop. I am not a Guru of any sort but with my own struggles I have learned a few things. The more sedentary I was the more weight I gained, the more weight I gained the more sedentary I was.  I have come to realize that I was an uncontrolled Foodaholic. Continue reading The Ongoing War