Where It All Began

2012 crazy
2012 Crazy 8’s

This weekend was my anniversary. Five years ago I was working the Crazy 8’s race and when the elite runners came through I turned to Steve Perry and told him I was going to run it the next year. By the end of the night I had told pretty much anyone that would listen to me about my plan… Lose a ton of weight and run the world’s fastest 8 K. I had no idea how that one thought would forever change my life. Continue reading Where It All Began

Boom Boom Skip

The first couple of days after my cardiac cath became an exercise in shear boredom. Sitting or laying around for a few days is not my idea of relaxation and I was very happy to get my car back and go for a few short walks. It was very surprising to me that the after effects of the procedure lasted as long as they did. Even though I was just sitting around there were periods of the arrhythmia, Boom Boom Skip Boom Skip Boom… Continue reading Boom Boom Skip