Running With Weights

In mid February I decided to try something that is a little less main stream for a runner as far as weights than gym work outs. I bought a weight vest from Dick’s and started running with it. The one I have comes with 8 pounds of sand in it and then has 1 pound iron bars that can be added to the front and back to adjust the weight up to 40 pounds. Here are Continue reading Running With Weights

Glycemic Index

You will prevent the high blood sugar symptoms if you consume more foods with low glycemic index, because these foods will reduce the insulin levels. Foods that have low glycemic index have other benefits for your health as well. They are very useful and effective in the weight loss process. So, if you want to lose weight, control your blood sugar levels and improve your health in general – then you should use this glycemic index food chart and consume foods with low glycemic index. These foods will help you achieve your goals much easier.

Glycemic Index Food List:

1 egg-0
1 cup hummus – 6
1 cup broccoli – 10
1 medium yellow onion – 10
1 cup walnuts – 15
1 cup cashews – 22
1 cup cherries – 22
½ large grapefruit – 25
1 cup yogurt (without sugar added) – 23
1 Turkey sausage – 28
1 cup butter beans – 31
1 cup kidney beans – 34
1 medium apple – 38
8 oz. tomato juice – 38
1 cup spaghetti – 42
1 cup green grapes – 46
8 oz. pineapple juice – 46
1 large carrot – 47
1 medium orange – 48
1 large banana – 52
1 cup peas – 54

These are low glycemic foods and you should consume them every day. The scale goes from 0 to 54 for low glycemic foods.

1 cup brown rice – 55
1 tablespoon honey – 55
1 cup oatmeal – 58
1 serving macaroni and cheese – 64
1 cup white rice – 64

These are moderate glycemic foods, and they should be used with caution. The scale is from 55 to 69 for moderate glycemic foods.

1 slice white bread – 70
2 cups popcorn – 72
1 glazed doughnut – 76
1 rice cake – 78
1 medium baked potato – 85
Corn flakes cereal – 92
50 grams of glucose – 100

And, these are foods with high glycemic index. You should try to avoid these foods or completely eliminate them from your healthy diet. The glycemic index scale foes from 70 to 100. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Slowing Down For A Cause

Last weekend was about running, fast and hard and long in the Oak Barrel Half Marathon. This weekend was about slowing down and supporting something bigger, more important.

Ladonna, Sophia, Daniel and Bentley

The Knoxville Alzheimer’s Continue reading Slowing Down For A Cause

The 2016 Oak Barrel

It’s the first weekend of April and for the third year straight that meant a trek to Lynchburg, TN for The Oak Barrel Half Marathon. In 2014 it was my first half marathon, ran with a good friend and at the finish you might have thought we had won it from the celebration. Last year we went back with a large contingent of friends and once again triumphed over the course and the infamous Whiskey Hill. Continue reading The 2016 Oak Barrel