Nashville Greenways & Parks – Part II

The next day Ladonna was free from meetings and we spent the day looking around as we moved slightly North of the city where she would have meetings the next couple of days. In the evening we followed Google Maps to the Forrest Green Drive Trailhead to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

It was amazing, within a few feet of the entrance I was transported away from the City and into a rural setting. The trees surrounding the path perfectly shielded it from the sounds of the highway and hid the very existence of the city.

I soon found my way to the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge and across the river I shot back into Nashville as I went through a tunnel underneath Briley Parkway to find myself at Wave Country and Metro Skate Park. Here I found something that I wish Knoxville and Kingsport had along their Greenways/Greenbelts. There was a self service kiosk that you could rent bicycles from using a credit or debit card. You could then ride from place to place in the city or on the greenway and leave your bike at another kiosk. You could later grab another one to return to your original spot. While I didn’t use one myself I passed several others over the next couple of days that did and am intrigued by the way it makes getting out and enjoying the area easy and affordable for everyone. Past the park there was the Stones River Greenway with it’s rolling hills and then to the Two Rivers Golf Course. Time was running short and with darkness approaching it was time to turn back and find Ladonna.


Nashville Greenways and Parks – Part I

Recently Ladonna had to go to Nashville for some meetings and I was able to escape with her. As she was tied up most of the daytime I was able to check out the Nashville Area Greenways so here are some thoughts about them.

The first place that I went was Radnor Lake State Park just south of Nashville. It was a Saturday and to say the park was very crowded would be an understatement. There was a line of traffic to get into the park and I had to park on the side of the road just outside. Continue reading Nashville Greenways and Parks – Part I