Phase III -Lilyan’s Run

Finally, I get to return to the Tri-Cities for a couple of events. The first one, which isn’t really a training run, is the Crazy 8’s coming up this weekend. As I have said this was my first ever race and I have done it every year since, even the time it was just two weeks post cardiac cath. It’s always fun and for the second year in a row I get to run it with my son Daniel!

The second event can only be seen as stepping up Continue reading Phase III -Lilyan’s Run

Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile

Another month has started and we move another step closer to the big day for Lilyan’s Run. July this year meant traveling South to the Georgia hill country and visiting US Army Ranger Camp Frank D. Merrill. Merrill’s Mile was advertised as a flat, smooth 1 mile track nestled in the woods. Oh what lesson’s we learned! Continue reading Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile