From The Fog

I have been away to long. I feel it in my bones, in my breath, in my soul. I feel as if I was in a fog and it’s breaking up in the morning sun. It’s time to get going again.

The physical and emotional stress of last summer and fall had truly taken it’s toll on me, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Pushing myself beyond what I ever thought was possible had left me drained. In a recent class we learned that obtaining a goal can be more stressful than not obtaining it. On the surface it doesn’t ring true but looking inwardly opened my eyes. In running and weight loss each time I hit a milestone there was a pause afterwards, a period of time that I felt lost or unmotivated. I had to step away for a little while and find solid ground.

For me that meant letting go of social media, national news and the blog for a little while and spending time with family and hours in the woods alone and with Daniel. Now I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to go. This year promises to be full of newness, adventure and personal growth. Plans are already being laid to repeat the run in honor of Lilyan with a goal of doubling last years donations. There will be a Spring, Summer and Fall full of events to prepare for the big run. Last year I felt as if the Holston River Endurance Challenge got the better of me and there is some unfinished business in Alabama to attend to. I look forward to finding some new events and to traveling to other areas to prepare. On a professional front things are moving forward also as there are some new and exciting challenges unfolding.

The morning sun has broken free and the fog is gone, Happy 2018 everyone! It’s gonna be a great one.