The New Addition

Our family has grown yet again! A few months ago I finally gave in and agreed to go to the local shelter and look at the cats there. You have to understand, I am a lifelong dog person. I love dogs and our dog Bentley is great. Why on earth would I upset the delicate balance of our household by consenting to a cat? That’s easy, two persistent kids backed by an equally persistent wife.

So there I was, standing in line, yes in a line, at the Young-Williams Animal Shelter to find a cat. We had to register in and wait our turn just to get into the “cat room” as they were having a special weekend to ease overcrowding at the shelter. All dogs and cats were available for donations only. I actually talked Daniel into looking at dogs with me as the gals went into the cat room. Not a bad plan really, we would find a cute adorable sidekick for Bentley and thus avoid getting a cat. A good plan but it failed.

We walked into the cat room to find the girls holding this cat and that one. They seemed to be ignoring my over the top pleas to come to the other side and look at the cute dogs there. Then there was the strange person who came by and fussed at them for holding the cats, completely ignoring that literally everyone in the room except me was holding a cat. Okay then, I’ll show you, I will also hold a cat! I looked around and saw a sign on the cage door, 3 years old. Inside was a tiny, petite little thing, maybe 4 pounds. I reached in and scooped her up. Immediately I heard, “see dad, that’s a nice cat.” Oh no, had they paid that lady to do this? I think I fell into a very cleverly laid trap!

Needless to say, Lacy is now a part of our family. I think they mislabeled her cage as 3 years old when she was really 3 months because she has grown a lot over the last few months, probably almost doubling her weight. She is very lovable, alternating between getting her purrer stuck open and savagely attacking my shoes or hands. When we get home she almost always comes running up to say hi. She is also proving to be a little strange so she must be a Hubbard afterall. She loves oranges, who would have ever thought a cat would love oranges? She also is very spoiled as someone (no it’s not me!!!) spoon feeds her baby food from a jar.

No I am not a cat person but yes, there is a place in our house for this very sweet young girl.