Day 44 of Nonrunning

I am sitting here on the couch. In the last 7 weeks I feel as if I have spent more time sitting than the last 7 years combined. Today I’m feeling more down than usual. I miss the road, the trail. I miss the clarity of thought that somehow reaches me more readily in the middle of the miles. I miss the sweat, the breathing, the feeling of accomplishment. Continue reading Day 44 of Nonrunning

Knee Update

I am sitting here at home, still. Almost two weeks have passed since my last doctor’s appointment and the knee is pretty much the same. It is a dull ache while sitting but even the easiest of things such as walking the dog down the street or going shopping result in swelling and sometimes bruising. Sometime though it is becoming less frequent the knee will lock. This always means more pain afterwards. I Continue reading Knee Update

The Lazy Crazy Tri

I am starting to realize more and more what I have put my wife and family through the last few years. This was day 33 since my knee injury and FINALLY I had an MRI to determine what the actual injury is. This evening was supposed to be when I did the Lazy Crazy Tri with Daniel. A first Tri for both of us. Now it was Daniel’s first and my chance to crew him with Ladonna.  Continue reading The Lazy Crazy Tri