I Thought I Was Ready

Soo, I was all ready for the return to work and running. I told everyone that I would be back, I had my return to work physical fitness test scheduled, I was back on the schedule. I even had decided that I should video the shaving of the beard, since it’s the most hair I’ve had attached even remotely close to my head since I was… maybe 20?

I had talked to PT, okay, yes I understood that my leg was still weak. Really, only 62% of the other leg? Yes, I agree that I should maybe do some more therapy even when I go back to work to prevent re injury. Then the doctor’s appointment. Disappointment followed. Yes I was progressing well, maybe a little to soon to go back to work just yet. Still weakness, yes some more therapy seems reasonable, no squatting, lifting, or stooping, must be able to sit while working and for no more than 6 hours a day. Yes, he understands that my job is 24 hour shifts and that I have to do all of those things, just not there yet. Come back after some more therapy, almost there.

Yep, I thought I was ready… but to be honest, a two hour therapy session sends me to the couch to prop the leg up. Still there is an end in sight, not much longer, I hope. ;-(