It seems when things appear the worst the people around you are at their best. My last post, Sadness, was a reflection of my frustration with my current health issue and was perhaps my darkest post. Many of my friends rushed to offer encouragement with post, comments, calls and text and for that I am truly thankful. I am constantly amazed by how wonderful my friends and family are.

Then there was Lilyan and her mother Ashley’s response. They have been at the beach and visiting with Tyler who is currently on active duty. Most of us consider beach time free time, no work, no diet, no worries but not my amazing running buddy. She is always pushing, always working hard, always striving to do more. When she heard that I was not doing so well this is what she sent:¬†Hey James, mommy said you haven’t been feeling that well . I’ve been putting some extra “miles” on my walker for us . I even walked while we were on vacation. Speedy recovery running buddy . P.S. I even sat Indian style on my own for at least 5 minutes before I fell!

Wow, here she is again, lifting me up and encouraging me and showing me that anything is possible… My own personal angel.

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