2018 Oak Barrel

The Oak Barrel was my first ever half marathon and this makes my fourth visit here. But this year isn’t really about me at all because this year was Daniel’s first attempt at the half.

As settings for a race go, this one has all the best that small town USA can offer. Jack Daniels is an awesome corporate sponsor, they really spare no Continue reading 2018 Oak Barrel

Lilyans Run-Final Thoughts

The time for Lilyan’s Run has come and gone. Here are some thoughts on the event and the experience.

First things first, my running buddy Lilyan. She has not been doing the best but took the time to send me a very sweet video of encouragement. This whole thing was for her, to give everyone a glimpse of her accomplishments and story and to increase awareness about Cerebral Palsy. There was one time, during the third day, that I sat at the car and honestly thought I was done. The camber of the road following the days of hills was playing havoc with my ankles, knees and hips. Then I started thinking about her, all she has gone through and the fact that she can’t just stop when life gets tough… Lilyan and her family are such an inspiration to me and I hope to all of you as well.

The response from everyone was unreal. From the first time I told people of the idea until the actual event, everyone was nothing but supportive. Thanks to the help of Barry from KFD the media turned out for the start and really gave a boost to both the donations and the exposure as the combination of Facebook post and blog views hit 9,673 over the span of a few days.

Speaking of donations… when we thought of this we had no idea how to put on an event like this or how to raise any money. There were a lot of starts and stops and bumps along the way and the ball only really started rolling on that front at the very end. I told several of you that if it was a flop I would try to do something else next year but if it raised over $500.00 then I would do it again. Well, just like the start of this, I opened my big mouth and am committed now. Thanks to all of you Lilyan’s Run has raised almost $1,500 dollars so far and I am hopeful that more will come in.

Those of you that helped. There is of course no way I could have done any of this without my wonderful wife Ladonna and the kids. From the time I first broached the idea up through the actual event they were behind every step I took. I dragged them around the Southeast to different events and they slept on cots, in a camper, in vehicles and in hotels to help me train for this. Then during the event Dad and Ladonna drove the support vehicles, moving ahead a couple of miles at a time to alert others and care for me. Trey chipped in supplies, Celena, Guinness, Hibbs and Daniel ran sections with me. So many called, texted, posted and gave… I would have never made it without all of you.

Then there is the beauty that’s all around us. Driving as much as we do, we tend to forget how lucky we are to live where we do. Moving through at a slightly slower speed than I drive allowed me to really soak it in. Each hill was unique in it’s own way, every turn different. While every season is special in it’s own way, I absolutely love Fall and Fall in the mountains and valleys of this region are so colorful and vibrant. Thank you to Jackie for pointing out I needed to take pictures along the way.

This past year I have ran in places around the Southeast: Georgia, Middle Tennessee and Alabama and locally here in SW Virginia and NE Tennessee logging over 1,000 miles. From the rushing rapids of the Guest River Gorge to the gentle water of Fort Loudoun and Melton Lakes through the steep climbs of High Knob and Black Oak to the gentle roll of the Greenbelts and Greenways to the flatness of Melton’s Mile. Along the way we encountered hundreds of others. The insights from those that were far more experienced were instrumental in me being able to do this. Without the time spent with them I would still be somewhere in the middle of Hawkins County.

Oh… and the pictures along the way…

Checking supplies at the start
Interview with Times-News





TV Interview
The Green Belt





It Starts





















Lilyan’s Run By The Numbers

By the numbers:

4 days

23 hours 6 minutes of motion.

105.1 miles traveled

$10.00 a mile donated (so far)

4.5 miles an hour moving average

1 motorist helped with a flat

35.2 miles – most ran in one day

13.2 miles – least traveled in one day (last day)

1 random offer for a ride

115 Times-News shares

9673 Blog and Facebook views

3 Foot long Subway Cold Cut Sandwiches eaten.

11 Twenty ounce Power-Aids drank.

6 Fig Bars demolished

17 Half liter waters

3 other pedestrians passed on 11W

1 Dead sprint to get off a shoulderless bridge before a car got to me

2 offers of a drink

1200 mg ibuprofen

46 Saltstick Capsules

11 Bandaids

1 Box Red Velvet Oreos

4 Runners to keep me company (3 human, 1 dog)

2 times I almost had to jump out of the way.

1 Time a SCEMS ambulance passed without waving

27 Times various EMS and Law Enforcement waved or flashed lights (that I saw)

3 Vehicles used as support vehicle

1 Time I almost quit

2 times people I didn’t know told me they had read about me and encouraged me

5 times a random friend called while I was running and I answered

3 pairs of shoes worm while running

2 days it rained

2 days it didn’t rain

1 Box Nutrigrain Bars

1 Time I realized to late I could’ve had Pop Tarts instead! 🙁

5 pieces of pizza I ate after day three

1 night I iced my knees

3 total people that rode in support vehicles

4 Counties run through

11 Cities and Towns

7 road kill skunks

1 live skunk

3 dogs that gave chase

0 dogs that caught me

21(ish) “emergency roadside stops” (the more you drink, the more you stop)

1 car molding randomly flying off and whizzing by



A Race for the Ages

While this was a phase to prep for Lilyan’s Run, I am going to go into more depth about the amazing people I met this weekend and how they accomplish what they do.

A Race For The Ages was billed as a chance to rub elbows with the best from the past and the present Continue reading A Race for the Ages

The Holston River Endurance Challenge

The Phase III prep event for Lillian’s Run has come and gone. Now it’s time to review the very valuable, possibly life saving lesson learned as well as what went right and what what went wrong and where to go from here. Continue reading The Holston River Endurance Challenge

Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile

Another month has started and we move another step closer to the big day for Lilyan’s Run. July this year meant traveling South to the Georgia hill country and visiting US Army Ranger Camp Frank D. Merrill. Merrill’s Mile was advertised as a flat, smooth 1 mile track nestled in the woods. Oh what lesson’s we learned! Continue reading Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile

Watered Down – The 2017 Run Under The Stars

Each and every race, regardless of if it is a first time event or one that has been run for years takes on it’s own personality. The 2017 R.U.T.S. in Oak Ridge definitely took on it’s own last night. Continue reading Watered Down – The 2017 Run Under The Stars

Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run

Everyone, I have been working on something audaciously bold. Something that for me at least is well beyond anything that I have ever tried before and maybe more than I ever will again. I have mentioned it to a few of you but until now I didn’t want to post it because I wasn’t sure that it would actually happen. Well that and after I hit the publish button there will be no turning back. Continue reading Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run

Daniel’s Run – The 2016 Crazy 8’s

Since the time that I first started running the Crazy 8 road race in Kingsport has held a very special place for me. It was there that I saw first saw elite, world class runners in person. The type of runners who show up for the express purpose of trying to set a new World Record; the type who run 4 minute miles for an entire race. Seeing them and the thousands of Continue reading Daniel’s Run – The 2016 Crazy 8’s