Day 67…

It’s been 67 days since that fateful click. 67 days of relative inactivity. 67 days of limping. 67 days since the ER doctor put me off work. 67 days without a patient to care for or an ambulance to drive. But 67 is just one number…

It’s 1,608 hours plus 16.25 more hours for time of day so 1,624.25 hours. 97,470 minutes. 68 days since I raced a co-worker and two deputies up the stairs at Thunder Valley. 69 days since my last run. 60 episodes of Homeland.  20 episodes of a Handmaids Tale. Almost every episode of Fixer Upper and Star Gate and Star Trek and well you get the picture.

62 days since I saw the Occupational Health doc that misdiagnosed my injury and denied the MRI.  41 days since he was “convinced” to do one. 35 days since one was done. 14 days since the surgical consult. 6 days until surgery. 28 to 56 days expected recovery time afterwards.

I guess that I am getting a little number crazy these days.

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