Day 44 of Nonrunning

I am sitting here on the couch. In the last 7 weeks I feel as if I have spent more time sitting than the last 7 years combined. Today I’m feeling more down than usual. I miss the road, the trail. I miss the clarity of thought that somehow reaches me more readily in the middle of the miles. I miss the sweat, the breathing, the feeling of accomplishment.

For now I sit here, reviewing my medical charts, calling insurances and hoping that tomorrow I will see a doctor that will outline a plan to get me back to work and running.

My knee Day 44

One thought on “Day 44 of Nonrunning”

  1. Day 44 of Nonrunning – Phat Boy Running
    Wow. That is about the worst thing for any athlete getting benched by injuries. Good luck and speedy recovery.

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