Doctor’s Report

Ok, I finally made it to see an orthopedic surgeon about the knee. So here it is in a nut shell. The medial meniscus has what’s called a bucket handle tear (see picture) that has also flipped upside down. This is one possible reason for the popping, locking, swelling and bruising. The second finding is a floating body in the joint that is likely a piece of  the femoral cartilage that fractured off. This could be also be the source of the popping and locking and the area that was injured the reason for the swelling and bruising. There is a smaller tear to the lateral meniscus that should be well on it’s way to healing on it’s own. And then there is the osteoarthritis that the showed on the MRI that the doctor thinks is most likely due to the years of obesity.

All that is to say that I will be getting scoped by the end of the month to have the the bucket handle and floating piece removed and maybe have the chondral cartilage cleaned up a bit. The doc has already told me that there will have to be some modification in my work outs going forward. Cross training here I come. Elliptical running, biking, walking, water workouts will have to join the running to reduce the stress on the knee and extend the time I have left without a metal knee.

Not an end to the running, just a new chapter that needs to be written.

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