Emergency Identification

If there is one thing I’ve learned in both my professional career and in running it’s that nothing is certain and the most unexpected things can happen at the most inconvenient times. Thankfully most of the time it is more of an inconvenience than a life changing event but one can never be sure.

I have been very careful on this site to not recommend products or services unless I feel strongly about them and this is another one that I think everyone needs to know about. As a paramedic I know that there are many times that we respond to emergencies and find someone that for whatever reason is incapable of giving us information about themselves. Almost everyone has heard of a medical alert bracelet or necklace which alerts medical personnel of allergies or life threatening condition. It is one of the first things that we check for when we encounter someone who is incapacitated and over the last few years they have expanded that to include the vial of life and some other things also.

Enter the Road ID which is essentially a medical alert on steroids. A couple of years ago my running buddy Joie gave mebutton_1 a Road ID bracelet as a present at the end of our training for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon. Since then I have worn it most of the time and recently replaced it with one with updated information. In my opinion this equipment is absolutely essential for everyone to have whenever you are out and about, regardless of if you are running, biking, hiking or just going to a movie or shopping. I feel so strongly about this that when I updated mine I also got one for Ladonna, the kids, even the dog.

myidHere is mine, it includes my name, my wife’s name and her contact info, allergies and chronic medical condition. That way if there is ever a time that anything happens to me rescue and medical personnel will have enough information to start care and can get a hold of Ladonna. The price is very reasonable and they offer half off for any EMS, Fire and Police. If you qualify for the discount, it applies to any items that you order. I choose to get the Wrist ID Sport which is a soft, washable cloth with an adjustable Velcro closure. It comes in several colors, is washable and the ID can be taken off and switched to another Sport band or the Shoe ID. Ladonna and the kids opted for the Slim ID which is a silicone band that comes in even more colors and again, the ID can be switched between bands so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Bentley got the collar tag which is silicone and both ends slip around his dog collar so if he is ever lost people will know who to call. They also offer a Shoe ID which includes a key pouch and the FIXX ID which is a dog tag style necklace.

Because we all live in an increasingly digital age there is also a FREE app for both android and apple based phones. It is not intended as a stand alone emergency ID and until I got it I had really never thought to check a phone for such information. Still, it has a custom lock screen creator that I have put the same information on as my bracelet but that is only the start of what it does. It has an innovative eCrumb tracker that I can send to up to 5 people. They receive a text or email that alerts them that I am getting ready to go for a run, bike, hike, whatever and they can track me live as it marks my position every minute of the trip. They get a map and can even see things like my pace in real time. I can also turn on the stationary alert and it will notify them if I stop for more than 5 minutes in the same place. I have even thought about putting this on everyone’s phones when we go to Dollywood or Disney World so if we are separated we can easily find each other. After the run is over it sends me an email with all the details of my run including time, location, pace and a map. While not a true running app in that it does not provide me with live information like many do, it is still useful information to have.

Road ID as a company seems very committed to the running and biking community. They offer apparel with reflective accents and lights for visibility and even offer free race bibs, give you free race prizes and list your event free on their national calendar. I hope that everyone who reads this will look into getting this essential piece of equipment for anyone who is important to you whether they pursue outdoor activities, have medical conditions or just jet around town.

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