Getting Ready

The last 2 weeks have been hectic and incredible at the same time. In that time at work the Spring race at Bristol has come and gone as well as multiple PALS and CPR classes and away from work I have seen The Johnson City Symphony for the first time (wow, they are really, really good). And then there is the running…

With the help and support of my great friends and the inspiration from Lilyan and her family this has been the best two weeks of training ever. Not only did I manage to get the 15 mile run in the other day, it was followed up this past week by the fastest 10K of the year! Yesterday morning started with another good long run of over 10 miles paced yet again by various members of the PPP. I can not overstate how important it is for me to have those people helping me, I would highly suggest that anyone close by join us or start or find a group close to wherever you are.

Next it was on to Kevin’s place for his interesting idea of cross training. Most of us think of that as biking, swimming or a little weight lifting but I think he had recently watched Rocky IV and decided to get creative. After a hike straight up the mountain we spent the afternoon clearing brush and trees for a food plot. Swinging an axe and machete for the afternoon and then making brush piles might just be the best core workout I’ve done in years. Kevin you are a genius.

12 more days until The Oak Barrel Half Marathon and it finally feels like I’m getting ready. The payoff for all
the freezing cold days in the rain and snow is almost here, every day there is less doubt and more anticipation. Lynchburg, here we come!

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