Lilyan’s Run By The Numbers

By the numbers:

4 days

23 hours 6 minutes of motion.

105.1 miles traveled

$10.00 a mile donated (so far)

4.5 miles an hour moving average

1 motorist helped with a flat

35.2 miles – most ran in one day

13.2 miles – least traveled in one day (last day)

1 random offer for a ride

115 Times-News shares

9673 Blog and Facebook views

3 Foot long Subway Cold Cut Sandwiches eaten.

11 Twenty ounce Power-Aids drank.

6 Fig Bars demolished

17 Half liter waters

3 other pedestrians passed on 11W

1 Dead sprint to get off a shoulderless bridge before a car got to me

2 offers of a drink

1200 mg ibuprofen

46 Saltstick Capsules

11 Bandaids

1 Box Red Velvet Oreos

4 Runners to keep me company (3 human, 1 dog)

2 times I almost had to jump out of the way.

1 Time a SCEMS ambulance passed without waving

27 Times various EMS and Law Enforcement waved or flashed lights (that I saw)

3 Vehicles used as support vehicle

1 Time I almost quit

2 times people I didn’t know told me they had read about me and encouraged me

5 times a random friend called while I was running and I answered

3 pairs of shoes worm while running

2 days it rained

2 days it didn’t rain

1 Box Nutrigrain Bars

1 Time I realized to late I could’ve had Pop Tarts instead! 🙁

5 pieces of pizza I ate after day three

1 night I iced my knees

3 total people that rode in support vehicles

4 Counties run through

11 Cities and Towns

7 road kill skunks

1 live skunk

3 dogs that gave chase

0 dogs that caught me

21(ish) “emergency roadside stops” (the more you drink, the more you stop)

1 car molding randomly flying off and whizzing by



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