Lilyan’s Run – Phase 1 Lessons

So, now that the Oak Ridge Run Under The Stars is in the books it’s time to reevaluate training for Lilyan’s Run. Even though I cut the run short there were still valuable lessons learned and tweaks to be made as training goes forward.

The first thing learned was I’m not even close to being in condition to undertake this yet. Using the Jeff Galloway plan it is easy to see that I could have stretched the distance and feel confidant that 31.2 would have been reached. But to be honest with myself and all of you at 15 miles I was feeling good but 31 would have been pushing the limit and I would have surely suffered. And that was on a fairly flat, level course, not the first steep climb up Cleek Road or the long rolling hills that await on Highway 11 W. So with 1 month until the next benchmark event, it’s time to get to work.

The first thing is digging the weight vest out again. Last year it made runs harder, helped with weight maintenance, improved speed and endurance. The biggest reason that I stopped using it was it made warm runs hot and hot runs Hades. But with a 12 hour run coming July 1st, training in Hades seems more reasonable than one might think. The first couple of runs with the vest added back are in the books and it might be psychological but I already am feeling good about it.

The next thing is adding more hills along with the weight. It is well known that hills help a runner in several ways. Running up hill forces you to lift your knees higher which improves your stride length and form. Running between hills improves recovery by forcing fatigued muscles to come back up to speed. Even downhill running has benefits. Running downhills allows you to work on fast twitch muscles by speeding along at faster than normal cruising speed.

The last thing is time and distance. The distance/time I have been using for longer runs needs to become what is used for shorter ones which means that the distance for longer runs will increase accordingly.

I feel confident that these changes will help in preparing for the big event for Lilyan in October. Look for more details about Lilyan’s Run and Phase II in the coming blogs!

2 thoughts on “Lilyan’s Run – Phase 1 Lessons”

  1. Awesome job and even though some of the things you mentioned ive never tried but agree you are spot on with the weight vest. Over the winter i used a weighted ruck with really not alot of running but more a brisk walk pace and the results were shocking.. Keep up the hard work and i have no doubts you will reach your goal…Amazing job

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