Phase 1- Lilyan’s Run

Phase 1 of Lilyan’s Run. The first phase of doing this is to get an accurate barometer or idea of where I am so I can adjust my training accordingly. I’m sure that there are many runners who can look at a 104.8 mile run and know exactly what is needed to achieve that goal. I am NOT one of those people! I have never done more than a marathon in my life. Well the first step was truly trying to sort through the various logistics of how and where the Run would be and how money would be handled and used. That seemed rather mundane for a blog so I will sprinkle those things out over the next couple of months and get to the meat of the subject.

Last year at this point I was more or less at the top of my game, having trained for and run a half marathon in April and then completed my first marathon at the end of May. This year not so much. Last year ended with a lingering  health issue that limited my running to almost nil in November,  December and January. Then a work injury slowed my Spring training so I am just now getting rolling. My hope is that the down time plus the slow ramp up will work in my favor as I really increase my mileage and prep for Lilyan’s Run.

As a way of seeing how far I have to go next weekend I’ll be running in the Run Under The Stars event. The goal isn’t to do a particular distance or speed but to try for 8 -10 hours of perpetual motion. After this I hope to be able to get a training regiment in place that will prepare me for the upcoming Run. There are a few other endurance events, about one a month, that will be used as guides to adjust things along the way and as a bonus I should qualify as a Marathon Manic during the summer. OH, and of course the Crazy 8’s is a tradition that can’t be passed up. ‌

Join me virtually throughout the summer as the training and temperatures heat up we will post updates on the prep.

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