Phase II – Lilyan’s Run

Well the plans are in place for the second benchmark event to see where we are in the training for Lilyan’s Run. On July 1st we will be heading south to U.S. Army Ranger Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dehlonega, Georgia for Merrill’s Mile. This is a paved mile circuit and they offer several different endurance options. The longest, a 48 hour run around the loop seems a little out of my league still. Instead we will be there to do the 12 hour run, starting and ending at 9.

The goals will be simple, go and attempt to see what I can do. How close to 12 hours of perpetual motion I can get, how far that takes me and see how long the recovery takes. Wow, just two short sentences to sum up a month’s training and 12 hours of effort! And what kind of person drives South to Georgia, in July, to try and hang with a bunch of elite soldiers on a run? Yep, like I keep telling you, that person MUST be crazy!!

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more details about Lilyan’s Run, Phase III and training.

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