Where It All Began

2012 crazy
2012 Crazy 8’s

This weekend was my anniversary. Five years ago I was working the Crazy 8’s race and when the elite runners came through I turned to Steve Perry and told him I was going to run it the next year. By the end of the night I had told pretty much anyone that would listen to me about my plan… Lose a ton of weight and run the world’s fastest 8 K. I had no idea how that one thought would forever change my life. Continue reading Where It All Began

Three Months

Everyone, I just wanted to take a second and thank you all for your support. Three months ago this evening I started my website to try and reach more people and the only publicity has been by way of post and shares on Facebook and Twitter. As of now the site has had over 3800 unique visitors and while the majority of those have been local it has been viewed in 69 different countries.


Hundreds of people have learned about Lilyan and been inspired by her and her courage. I am trying to continue to share her story, mine and others as we go through this fitness journey. One thing that I have learned is it does not matter if you run, walk like my friend Bea, do cross fit like Shane, bike like Jay, yoga like Eric or something else, movement on a regular basis is a key to a healthier you.

This week Dr. Jeff Booher joined the site to provide suggestions and help on wellness and health. Hopefully a couple of other experts will also be added in the near future. The event calendar is finally up and running so if anyone has events they want added just let me know. You can also subscribe to the calendar to add it’s events to your personal one.

Thank you again for all of your support and please feel free to leave your comments or to share and post any of our pages or blogs.

The Journey Begins

I am late to this running game and I took a long strange trip to get here. Cutting to the chase, I found myself in my early 40’s, morbidly obese and in danger of not being able to perform my duties as a paramedic. My once 5’10” frame had compressed by an inch. I weighed 370 pounds and my waist was 56 inches. Something had to give or I was in serious danger of not only losing a job I loved but also of losing my life. Continue reading The Journey Begins

Double Run Day

Today I did a first for me. Although in the past I have done an individual run and a group run on the same day, today I did another kind of double, I ran twice in the same day with others. Both runs were nearly identical distances and both were great in completely different ways.

A coworker who had recently started running again on a treadmill asked if we could run together after work. It was his first outside run in several months and Continue reading Double Run Day