Phase II – Lilyan’s Run

Well the plans are in place for the second benchmark event to see where we are in the training for Lilyan’s Run. On July 1st we will be heading south to U.S. Army Ranger Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dehlonega, Georgia for Merrill’s Mile. This is a paved mile circuit and they offer several different endurance options. Continue reading Phase II – Lilyan’s Run

Your Help Needed-Lilyan’s Run

So, I know that I said that I wouldn’t bore you with the logistics of Lilyan’s Run and I promise that I will not. I am going to ask you all for your help in pulling this off though.

To make this a successful event I want to do 3 main things and am asking for help with each of them. Continue reading Your Help Needed-Lilyan’s Run

Phase 1- Lilyan’s Run

Phase 1 of Lilyan’s Run. The first phase of doing this is to get an accurate barometer or idea of where I am so I can adjust my training accordingly. I’m sure that there are many runners who can look at a 104.8 mile run and know exactly what is needed to achieve that goal. I am NOT one of those people! Continue reading Phase 1- Lilyan’s Run

Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run

Everyone, I have been working on something audaciously bold. Something that for me at least is well beyond anything that I have ever tried before and maybe more than I ever will again. I have mentioned it to a few of you but until now I didn’t want to post it because I wasn’t sure that it would actually happen. Well that and after I hit the publish button there will be no turning back. Continue reading Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run


It seems when things appear the worst the people around you are at their best. My last post, Sadness, was a reflection of my frustration with my current health issue and was perhaps my darkest post. Many of my friends rushed to offer encouragement with post, comments, calls and text and for that I am truly thankful. I am constantly amazed by how wonderful my friends and family are. Continue reading Angels