Doctor’s Report

Ok, I finally made it to see an orthopedic surgeon about the knee. So here it is in a nut shell. The medial meniscus has what’s called a bucket handle tear (see picture) that has also flipped upside down. This is one possible reason for the popping, locking, swelling and bruising. The second finding Continue reading Doctor’s Report


So there I was, just doing what I had done probably thousands of times over the years, carrying a stretcher down steps. Technically I had just carried the patient firmly secured to the stretcher down the steps, I was standing of Terra Firma but still had the stretcher supported in the air. I turned ever so slightly to glance behind me and then it happened.

A very soft click. So soft that maybe it wasn’t a sound, maybe it was just a feeling. There wasn’t any pain, no burning, no numbness. Just an easy slide sideways of the joint with that little click. My knee wouldn’t bend, it wouldn’t move, nothing. “I’ve just dislocated my knee!” I screamed in my head. Nausea… where did that come from? I had to try hard not to vomit while just standing there, holding a couple of hundred pounds in the air and deciding what to do next. I managed to sit the stretcher down gently and push it by me and then asked someone else to get the end I had.

The wave of nausea washed over me again and sweat popped up on my head. I reached down and palpated my knee, ready to feel the cap turned to the side. No, it was intact, exactly where it was supposed to be. The femur felt good as did the tibia. Why wouldn’t it bend? I worked the lower leg side to side with my hands and then it was free. Strange but working just fine. I walked to the ambulance and was met with a white hot stab to the inside of the joint with each step. “Just get to the truck, take care of the patient, nothing is wrong”, ¬†yep, I was lying to myself on that last part.

There it was again, the knee locked up a second time. Still, no real pain yet, at least as long as I wasn’t walking. A little shaking and it was working again. Deep aching followed that, and a strange grinding with movement. At least the nausea was gone.

The ER said it was “classic meniscus”. That was a few days ago. Now I am sitting at home, already going crazy, while I wait to see the doctor. The ache is still there along with a very strange sudden cramping of various parts of my calf, thigh and even foot which seems to have no rhyme or reason to it. I hope the ER was right, a quick fix surgery and back to life. No sitting around, bored to death, waiting endlessly for something to happen.