Dogs with Diseases

While I am moaning about myself, there is some news that is more good than bad. Bentley is feeling much better and is showing some signs of his old self.

The long and short is he has the dog version of Addison’s Disease. His body no longer produces the hormones needed to deal with stress like it should. Because of this he has electrolyte imbalances and whenever he becomes stressed he can go into crisis mode. The great news is this is very treatable and he is already improving. The bad news is this is an ongoing process and he will require medication daily throughout his life and will need to go to the vet often for blood work.

Still, just seeing the very loving dog we adore coming back to us lifts our spirits.

Running With Bentley

When it comes to having a good looking family, I might be biased but I think I am truly blessed. Ladonna and Sophia are just beautiful and Daniel is a very handsome. And then there is Bentley. Wherever he goes with us everyone oohs and aahs over him. He is cute and cuddly and furry.

I have tried to run with him in the past with mixed results. He isn’t really used to being on a leash so when he is he tends to pull hard and then stop suddenly over and over again. Then there are all the people. He attracts them to him like moths to a lamp. Everyone wants to pet him and play with him and he wants to say hi to them too. So running with Bentley means finding a place where there are not many people that are out for a leisurely stroll, there are not many bikes (they scare him) and there isn’t much wildlife so that he doesn’t suddenly go straight sideways.

So Daniel and I went for a run recently and decided to give it another try. We dug out the new harness (Bentley ate the old one) and the leash and then stole the van from Sophia and took off. Daniel was going for a longer run while I was doing a shorter one having already logged some miles earlier so Bentley stayed with me.

It was predictable at first, he took off at 100 miles an hour, pulling and straining for all he was worth until he caught the scent of a previous canine visitor beside the trail. Then it was dead stop, he had to make sure to mark his turf so the interloper would know he had been there. After about a mile though a really interesting thing happened. Bentley is a very smart dog and he figured out what we were up to. His trotting pace was a little faster than what I was comfortable with but as long as I could keep it up he was more than happy to stay right beside me. Whenever I started to slow he would give me a backward glance as if to say come on slow poke, let’s get going.

This lasted for a couple of miles until we came to the geese. Something about collies and other animals kicked in his brain and it was all I could do to keep him from herding them. After all of that excitement he couldn’t seem to get back in the rhythm again. Or maybe I couldn’t get enough speed to get him there. Either way, maybe it’s time to rethink taking Bentley on runs again, at least until he eats this harness.