Lessons Not Learned

You would think, out of all the life experience I have and the few years of running experience I could learn one simple lesson. Yet here we are, it’s 1 A.M. and the Oak Barrel is in the morning and we are just getting to the hotel. We have to get up early tomorrow, early enough to get some food in so it can be partially digested before the race starts and we have to drive the 45 minutes to Lynchburg to do packet pick up. And we are all exhausted.

It seems like a simple thing really, arrange things so you can sleep before running a race. Last year I got burned badly in Georgia as I started Merrill’s Mile with little rest. Then there was the Holston River Challenge after being up for hours on end. By Alabama I thought I had it figured out only to foiled by a Florida Georgia Line Concert across the street from the hotel. And now here we were again.

Today had about as much stuff shoved in it as possible. Picking up a rental car, getting clothes ready with Ladonna, going to work with her then 100 miles to my graduation ceremony. Then it was back in the car, 100 miles back home. Packing the car, rushing out to get Daniel after an out of town field trip. Daniel for his part had gotten to school before sunrise to go by bus to Atlanta for the day, returning long after the sun had set.

Drive thru food and we were off again, another 3 hours across the state to the hotel. The alarms are set for 4 hours from now. Then we will be eating, driving and getting ready for the Oak Barrel, Daniel’s first half marathon. Wish us luck and hope that we don’t miss the alarm.