Three Week Warning

The start for Lilyan’s Run is quickly approaching and several have asked how they can help or asked for a schedule. I’m so glad you asked, here we go!!

A wise person once told me that you should never turn down help and I surely need all of the help I can get. The first thing kind of help that’s needed is donations. The Crowdrise page is up and ready at UCP. I am committed to this run, regardless of how much money is raised but it would be really great if everyone could donate and share the page with friends and family.

Several have asked about being section runners or support team. It is a long way and I welcome anyone to join me in whatever capacity they are able. The only thing I remind you of is that I will be going all 104.8 miles. No one would ever accuse me of being a fast runner, even while going on relatively short runs like a 5 or 10 K. This will be a very slow pace, the hills will be walked and there will be stops. So if you take off at an eight minute pace then we will see you later, if you think you are going slow then you still might be a tad too fast! Support team, it will take at least 1 and hopefully two vehicles once I hit the open road leaving Kingsport. There will have to be a vehicle out in front, probably moving a couple of miles at a time. This vehicle will have signage on it and alert on coming traffic of run(s) on the road. It will also have fluid, food and first aid supplies and could be a way for any section runners to switch in and out. If there is a second vehicle it would trail behind in case of issues and again could carry persons and supplies. Please contact me if you are interested in helping.

The RUN will start on November 1st at approximately 9:30 AM at Hobby Lobby in Kingsport, TN and end at Tyson Park in Knoxville, TN.

From the start it will wrap around the shopping center to the Kingsport Greenbelt. We will follow the Greenbelt to downtown, leave it to swing by Sullivan County EMS Station 4 for a scheduled stop and then onto Kingsport Fire Station 1 before returning to the Greenbelt and following it to it’s end on Netherland Inn Road. From there it’s onto US Highway 11-W straight through to Knoxville. Once in downtown it will be onto the interconnecting Greenways to the end. 104.8 miles of fun!!!

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Last Training Event

Everyone, we have decided to add one final training event before Lilyan’s Run. The Endless Mile in Alabama will offer one last chance to put all the lessons learned into practice just two weeks before the start of the big event.

I thought of Lilyan’s Run as a way to try and show how much this young lady inspires me and to try and give something back. Prior to coming up with this crazy plan my longest runs ever in events or training were 26.5 miles, 16 miles and a handful of 13.1 mile half marathons. Once I hit publish on that first blog I knew I had committed myself to having to push harder than I ever thought possible. That is exactly what Lilyan does every day, push and show everyone that she can achieve more than they ever dreamed she could.

The first phase was the Run Under The Stars which ended up being a wash out with severe storms cutting it short. Still, there were a few things learned going forward. Next was Merrill’s Mile, again the weather almost stopped it and lack of sleep was an issue but in the end I was able to stumble my way to my first true ultramarathon. Next I decided to step up the fun and try the 12 pack challenge at the Holston River Endurance Challenge. The first night saw the second ultra in the books, the second resulted in near disaster and sent us looking for solutions. Then there was the Race For The Ages. 100 K fell by the wayside as I more than doubled my previous best and got sage words of advise from some of the most seasoned runners in the world.

All of which brings us to now. In mid October in Alabama we will be trying one last trial and going for 100 miles. Then, less than two weeks later, it will be show time.  Throughout the summer I have logged over 500 miles of motion, training for this and October promises to add another 150 plus miles to that tally. All of the training, planning and anticipation will come to an end at 9:30 AM on November 1st.

Please, if you have not already done so, visit the Lilyan’s Run Donation Page at United Cerebral Palsy and donate. Together we can make a difference.

A Race for the Ages

While this was a phase to prep for Lilyan’s Run, I am going to go into more depth about the amazing people I met this weekend and how they accomplish what they do.

A Race For The Ages was billed as a chance to rub elbows with the best from the past and the present Continue reading A Race for the Ages

The Holston River Endurance Challenge

The Phase III prep event for Lillian’s Run has come and gone. Now it’s time to review the very valuable, possibly life saving lesson learned as well as what went right and what what went wrong and where to go from here. Continue reading The Holston River Endurance Challenge

Phase III -Lilyan’s Run

Finally, I get to return to the Tri-Cities for a couple of events. The first one, which isn’t really a training run, is the Crazy 8’s coming up this weekend. As I have said this was my first ever race and I have done it every year since, even the time it was just two weeks post cardiac cath. It’s always fun and for the second year in a row I get to run it with my son Daniel!

The second event can only be seen as stepping up Continue reading Phase III -Lilyan’s Run

Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile

Another month has started and we move another step closer to the big day for Lilyan’s Run. July this year meant traveling South to the Georgia hill country and visiting US Army Ranger Camp Frank D. Merrill. Merrill’s Mile was advertised as a flat, smooth 1 mile track nestled in the woods. Oh what lesson’s we learned! Continue reading Lilyan’s Run – Phase II Merrill’s Mile

Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run

Everyone, I have been working on something audaciously bold. Something that for me at least is well beyond anything that I have ever tried before and maybe more than I ever will again. I have mentioned it to a few of you but until now I didn’t want to post it because I wasn’t sure that it would actually happen. Well that and after I hit the publish button there will be no turning back. Continue reading Dream Big or Go Home – Lilyan’s Run