The Next Chapter

Monday morning when I got off work it was cold and raining hard. I had rain gear with me but couldn’t bring myself to run. I wondered around town and then I remembered that Beatrice had recently posted about joining the YMCA, so I decided to check it out.

The place is pretty nice. The equipment is top notch and they have multiple indoor pools, group class rooms and a basketball court. A trainer meet with me and we reviewed my goals, then he came up with a work out program just for me that is loaded on the computer so I can access it at any time from anywhere including several places there. The curious thing missing is a place to run, indoor or outdoor.

I have worked out there twice now and each time followed that with a run. My runs have been somewhat shorter and slower than they otherwise would be but I hope that this is a step in the right direction. If I can improve my overall fitness level then this should eventually lead to longer, faster running. I have another appointment with a trainer next week and hopefully I can figure out a schedule to balance out running and lifting to get the most out of both.

Today I plan to just run and possibly get up early enough to go workout before work in the morning to see how that goes. Regardless if this is a temporary thing or permanent I feel it is the right way to start getting rid of the fat I gained over the holidays.

                                Standby for further on this new experiment.

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