Versed Is My Friend!

Ok, so I think that I am free of the effects of medication enough to write a blog. Evidently earlier today I texted a Deputy Chief at work “Versed is my friend” which might indicate that I am not in the best of conditions.

The staff at the surgery center next to Fort Sander’s Regional in Knoxville was very nice, very professional. After a brief wait it was back to the pre-op and answering questions, changing into a very stylish gown and sitting with Ladonna as various docs and nurses wandered through. I do remember having a nice discussion with the Anesthesiologist about different types of airways, especially supraglottic types such as the LMA and King. I found it refreshing that he wanted to talk about it “with a medical professional that has a different perspective on the issues.”

Dr. Jaquith came by and spoke with us about the surgery to come and then the nurse said she was going to give me a little bit of Versed, not enough to do much. Ladonna said within a few seconds I was thick tongued and then there is no memory beyond that. I really must be a cheap date! I somewhat remember waking up in recovery and the good doctor saying something about he would explain it to my wife. I very clearly remember him asking me to move my toes and saying that it was good they still worked… ¬†Wow, I am glad they are still attached, somehow I didn’t think about that until now but maybe I’m confusing realities, I have been watching a show about Mt. Everest?

Now for the report, mainly from Ladonna…

The piece of stuff free floating must have been sucked up almost immediately as he never truly visualized it. The lateral meniscus must have healed as he thought it would because it was intact as was the ACL. The PCL showed some wear and tear but was intact. The medial meniscus tear was clipped out and some good news there was that he was able to leave some. There is a divot on the lateral side of my femur, most likely where the floating piece came from. All of the surfaces show a pretty good amount of osteoarthritis, perhaps the worst news of all. Then again, it wasn’t like I didn’t know that I had arthritis before this.

A very special thank you to my family and friends and my running buddy Lilyan for their thoughts and prayers for today. And my beautiful Ladonna, for taking care of me and all that you do, you are my blessing. Now to see if I can clear this Versed Fog and in a week or so time for the rehab to began.

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