Your Help Needed-Lilyan’s Run

So, I know that I said that I wouldn’t bore you with the logistics of Lilyan’s Run and I promise that I will not. I am going to ask you all for your help in pulling this off though.

To make this a successful event I want to do 3 main things and am asking for help with each of them.

  1. Raise awareness. The primary mission is to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy. If this doesn’t happen then this whole endeavor will be a bust. United Cerebral Palsy is such a great organization and it provides inspiration for thousands of people from around the globe. Cerebral Palsy or CP is the most common movement disorder among children affecting about 1 in every 500 to some degree. More research is needed to know exact causes, prevention and treatments. Please, repost, retweet, share, talk and pass along info about this event. Also, I know many of you have connections with connections, it would be great to get some media push and UT just happens to be playing a home game that weekend. Imagine finishing at Neyland! If anyone knows somebody that knows somebody…
  2. Raise Money – In today’s world it’s hard to measure things without cold, hard cash coming into play. United Cerebral Palsy  has a website to donate directly to them. Now that it is in place I will be asking that everyone makes a donation. I am suggesting10 cents a mile which would be a donation of $10.48. As you can see at that rate it will take a multitude to get a big number so I am asking that everyone ask everyone you know for their help also. Corporate Sponsors, I am actively seeking you, let’s talk.
  3. Support- Without getting into the nuts and bolts, there is a lot of support needed to pull something like this off. There will need to be at least 1 or 2 support vehicles involved to alert on coming traffic, provide food, water and shelter, charge electronics and take pictures and video. As training ramps up there are many of you that are far more experienced at this type of thing and any help or advice is needed and appreciated. Anyone interested in running sections… it will be pretty lonely for 100 plus miles all alone. Lastly, once we nail down the finish (I am still dreaming of a Neyland or perhaps a Vol Walk finish, if anyone knows how to make that happen) it would be great if everyone with an I Run 4 or Cerebral Palsy connection were there for the last few miles or at the finish line.

I am so excited about making this become a reality and am counting on you all for help! Stay tuned for more info as the donation page is set up and as more pieces fall into place!

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